Alice, Teacher At Macha Yoga


Wholesomeness and Yoga

Ever since I attended the James Higgins workshop in Fumbally I’ve been thinking a lot about yoga bringing us back to what is wholesome.
James spoke about his own experience of being at odds with the idea of anything that was wholesome and the realisation that yoga encourages us to embrace wholesome things. It sat a bit awkwardly with as I’d never considered it and felt myself being drawn along a path of alternative and sometimes esoteric practice. At the same time something rang true.
I went away and thought about it a little as I continued my usual practice and day to day routine and suddenly the truth of it really hit me. Yoga had infact already led me back to what was wholesome in my body, my mind, my interactions with other people, even the food I eat.
The word wholesome means all that is conducive to physical

September 4, 2018

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