Corporate Well-being & Bespoke Group Work

At Macha Yoga, we do a lot more than just stretching. We're specialists in all aspects of well-being and conscious living.

With a broad range of specialisms in house, we draw from a wide range of expertise and practices when we put together an event and we'd be delighted to tailor one to you!

To date we've provided bespoke events for groups as small as 6 and as large as 200, onsite and offsite, for corporate, private and charity events.

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Corporate Well-Being

Looking after ourselves and the people around us is the foundation of a happy, collaborative workplace. In the busy world of work, every so often we need to be reinspired and grounded in the principles of conscious communication, balancing our state of mind and keeping well.

Rather than offering a bland pre-prepared workshop, we like to get a sense of your team's goals and challenges and adapt a programme that's impactful and actionable. At Macha Yoga we can create a workshop that's pitch perfect for your team at your office, conference centre, online or here in the studio.

Bespoke Group Work

Life is full of big moments, rites of passage and milestones but often they get lost in the hustle and bustle or the standard dinner and drinks just doesn't feel "right." We're always honoured to mark a special moment for you, whether you're having a special birthday, a family & friends reunion, having a baby or getting married. We'll put connection, ceremony and well-being together for a meaningful and memorable moment you'll remember always.

We've offered these special events as a "zen hen", "blessingway" or "baby shower" or even just because someone wanted to do something special for their loved ones! Whatever the reason, let's make it special.

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Facilitators You Can Believe In

When you book Macha Yoga for an event you can rest assured of quality delivery. Alice is an experienced public speaker and educator having worked professionally as a third level lecturer. As well as yoga qualifications, Alice holds a MPhil in Theology from Trinity College Dublin and spent years working in commercial video production delivering client briefs for household name brands. Since the beginning of the studio, our roster of facilitators, therapists and teachers all meet an exceptionally high standard of professionalism and expertise.

Services to choose from:

Yoga and Movement
Meditation and Mindfulness
Philosophy of well-being
Ceremonial Cacao
Conscious connection, visualisation & sharing
Drumming & sound healing
Something we haven't listed? We have a wide network of friends and collaborators we can invite in!

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