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Juggle, Balance, Sleep, Repeat – Meditation in real-life!

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Photo by Alan Rowlette a representation of me balancing my hectic life and serenely rising above all drama and obstacles… NATTTT. I am starting to realise that from the outside it looks like I am a bit of a little miss productivity. To be honest, it’s very difficult to keep up with everything all the time and I relish occasional moments when film work dries up and i have time to myself. I get TOTALLY OVERWHELLLLLLMMMMMMED now and again and then I remind myself, or my teachers remind me, do one. thing. at. a. time. Then just keep going!
It seems mad to most people that with a very long day ahead of me I voluntarily get up early to practice yoga and meditation every morning. But it’s what makes everything possible.
Taking that time to connect with myself and my higher purpose before I do anything else helps me in so many ways and I’m still learning!
1) Time to notice physical needs and imbalances and adjust accordingly – food, exercise, sleep, water, tense areas, breathing patterns.
2) Consistent refreshing sleep – meditation and yoga develops your ability to consciously put yourself to sleep.
3) Better boundaries – when I’m practicing and strongly connected to myself it’s much easier (although still challenging!) to say “that’s not me, that’s you” and accept that I don’t have to please *everybody* and that’s ok.
4) Better concentration – meditation and yoga give you more space in your brain box to concentrate on the task at hand and stay in the present moment, that way it’s easier to complete tasks efficiently.

July 13, 2017

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