Alice, Teacher At Macha Yoga


James Higgins Yoga Immersion Pt 2

This day last week we finished the James Higgins Immersion at Fumbally! No exaggeration, it was a magical week working through James’s asana alchemy. Finished off nicely by course after course of exquisite Indian food from the Fumbally.
People often ask why you would continue to go to classes when you have a personal practice. It’s because there is no substitute for having a space held for you and handing over your control to the guidance of a teacher. When someone is a real master of their practice, sitting in silence with them can be enough. The more I practice and the more classes and workshops I attend, I think more and more that what separates a good class from a great class is the sincerity of the teacher’s own practice.

November 3, 2017

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