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James Higgins Yoga Immersion Pt 1

This week I’m on the James Higgins Yoga Immersion in Fumbally Stables. The word honored is a bit corny, but that’s how I feel in the class. The focus in that room is like nothing you’ve ever experienced, under James lead everyone practices internally but together in perfect concentration and harmony for 4 hours.
I have always been a gentle yogini. My practice is for healing – fitness, flexibility… that’s just a by product. So I (ignorantly) avoided strong practice over 5 years. Then I went to a class with Keith Tracey at a YTI retreat and I realised that, taught well and sincerely, strong practice is healing and a transformative lesson in trust. I travelled an hour each way for 10 weeks to attend Keith’s class and with that help built so much confidence and a stronger practice.
At the same time, I signed up for a workshop with James. I was mortified when I had to sit 6 inches from him. I was rigid with the fear I would not be able to keep up. But I did, because in that space James holds doubt falls away and strength takes its place. At the end James asked me if Ashtanga was my practice (one of the strongest styles of yoga) and I laughed my head off. I hadn’t realised it yet but my body was healed.


October 23, 2017

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