Alice, Teacher At Macha Yoga



GROUND. ❤️ After a lovely weekend with lots of people who give me big soppy affectionate feels and time with myself I’m feeling more grounded again. I went for a pedicure with my newly qualified reflexologist pal Aoife and decided to match my Jade mat. Red is the colour of the base chakra and keeps you rooted and secure in your physical body.
Did you realise your feet are a map of your entire body? Makes taking care of them even more important. I go to Cathy @holisticvillage (who is just amazing!) for reflexology regularly to have any tense spots worked out of my feet and the effect it has is so noticeable.
Working on your feet has the double bonus of restoring full body vitality and grounding you in your physical body. On the rare occasions I can’t get on my mat or need to boost my physical practice I make sure to give my feet some attention by rubbing them with oil or stretching out the tight spots. Try it for yourself the next time you’re feeling tense.

November 24, 2017

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