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'Elma is a Yoga Warrior at 64'

I was very proud to see my wonderful teacher trainer, Elma Toland in the Irish Independent this week.
Elma and another warm and inspiring teacher and therapist, Jakki Reid spent 2 years training myself and ten others to teach with the Yoga Therapy Ireland ethos. The focus of that training was solely and consistently fixed on training safe, sensitive and sensible teachers. Forget about publicity and instagram, we barely took a photo for the entire two years while half the class didn’t have social media accounts. (Just as well, I showed up knackered from a week’s work wearing my pajamas most weeks). So it’s particularly nice to see Elma’s teaching being celebrated as it deserves in a national newspaper. You can read the article where Elma (and her husband Patsy!) describe how yoga is for EVERYONE here

November 13, 2017

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