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Welcome to Full Circle Woman!

We are about to start an exciting journey together. This course is all about you and your body. Throughout each of the classes and the online support course, the focus is to support you in reestablishing your own natural rhythm, empowering you with the confidence to work with your own energy, and giving you the tools to put yourself back on course whenever things get tricky.

With these core principles in place, feeling good and maintaining your health and happiness will be easy, fun and natural. Like it’s supposed to be. Well-being, happiness and creativity is your birthright as a woman, but somewhere along the way most of us have forgotten or missed out on the opportunity to learn that. Not to mention, most of the things we need to support us in our feminine energy are not prioritised in our society.

Please choose a module below to get started:

Alice, Teacher At Macha Yoga


19th January

In this class we’ll learn about our innate masculine and feminine energy and how to balance and nourish both sides of ourselves. We’ll learn how to take back time to nourish ourselves even when life is demanding. We’ll introduce the process of increasing your awareness of the changes that take place in your body through out your cycle and how to work with it for maximum well-being, creativity and happiness. The online course for June will support you in adopting healthy practices that are easy to add into your day, avoiding creating unnecessary stress on your physical health and carving out space for yourself.

Your Body, Your Compass

2nd February

This class will focus on making an ally out of your body, not an enemy. Using awareness, feedback, loving self-reflection on our bodies, our bodies can help use get to the heart of the matter, identifying when things aren’t working and when they are. By developing this we can take the hard work out of managing our physical and mental health and well-being by keeping in flow. As the phase of menstruation is the time we’re best able to identify what is not working for us and have vision for the future, online support will give you practices to help have “your best period ever.”

Nourish and Grow

16th February

This in person class will focus on putting in place proper nourishment for yourself, including the proper foods, but also carving out support systems into your life and incorporating activities that make you feel good. Knowing when you are reaching depletion and identifying where you draw strength and enthusiasm from. The follicular phase will be the focus for this months learning. A time of growth, renewal and openness, it’s the ideal time to try new things and improve your routines.

Your Inner Voice Unleashed

1st March

In order to be well in all areas of our lives, we have to be able to be able to express ourselves, feel heard and uninhibited. We’re all innately creative and creativity in itself is a feminine expression. In this class we’ll look at using the body to stimulate creativity and keep it flowing. We’ll look in particular at the importance of story and writing. This month’s focus will be on the ovulation phase of the cycle which is our optimum time for communication and expression.


15th March

By September you will be living your most vibrant, hormonally balanced, vital and fulfilled life. In this class we’ll learn about conserving your vital energy and transforming anything that knocks you off course into a way to build yourself stronger.

Special Guests

A Number Of Special Guests Will Join Us

Throughout the course we'll be joined by Helen Bourke-Barnwell (Kundalini Yoga Teacher), Siofra O’Donovan (Writer & Coach), Caroline Nolan (Herbalist) and Emer McFarlane (Accupuncturist).