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3 Most Common Worries for New Yoga Students

It’s so nice to have such a big bright space to teach in – even if I keep the lights off! In my Gentle Hatha Yoga class in @purelight_dance_and_yoga I’m always aiming to create a safe, calm environment for you to explore your body’s range of movement. The key themes in mind for the classes are comfort and pleasure in movement – because yoga is supposed to feel nice!! Top 3 questions I get from new students is:
Is it suitable for beginners/if I’ve never done yoga?
YES. And it’s suitable for more advanced students who want a meditative led class. Everything i teach is carefully explained and I’m keeping an eye out all the time to make sure you’re alright with everything (without singling anyone out!)
I’m this age/this body type/this gender, will I make a show of myself? NO. Yoga is for every-body. No one is looking at anyone else in my class. Everything is set up so everyone can concentrate just on themselves. A significant part of the class is spent lying down. Plus (!) my classes tend to have a wide age range and gender mix and the atmosphere is super chill and supportive.
I’m stiff/can’t touch my toes/not flexible, will i be able to do it? YES. You would be AMAZED by how much progress we see in clients with general stiffness week to week even in a gentle class. A regular gentle class is enough to notice improvement in your flexibility after just a few weeks. Besides yoga is not about flexibility or impressive poses – it’s about showing up and being present with yourself!

November 24, 2017

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