Cultivating the enjoyment in your body



Oh my legs… for so many years they took such a beating from my negativity, too fat, too white… ugh, gasp, cringe they even grow hair!!! I thought that was really normal but it just became another reason to disconnect from my body. The greatest gift I have gotten out of all of this… was just to feel what it was like to live in my body. To come down out of my head and just feel. At first it felt horrible, heavy, uncomfortable, of course it was so neglected. But I stuck with it and stuck with it and now I wake up most mornings and just feel the softness and the strength and the just being of my legs and it’s magic. They’re no skinnier or more tan, they’re definitely still growing hair but when you can enjoy them from the inside none of that matters. I want so much for other people to get that. I want so much for everyone to leave my class thinking how cool and lovely and soft and strong their body is.

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