Yoga and Spirituality shared this interesting survey they conducted on Yoga and Spirituality with me this week. The results are really interesting, while nearly 70% describe the practice of yoga as something that connects body, mind and soul, and 80% feel more connected to a higher power/nature/universe/god, only 8% describe yoga as a spiritual practice.

One great thing about yoga is that anyone can access it on whatever level they’re ready for, be it purely physical or deeply spiritual, in the same class at the same time. Spirituality has become taboo for a lot of people these days, but remember that yoga is a spiritual practice and NOT a religion – at all! Yoga gives us a neutral space and structured practice to get in touch with our deeper experience whatever religious or non religious background we have without any dogma or rigid belief systems. For many people this is what has alienated them from their spirituality. So maybe it’s time to open up to yoga and the beautiful sense of spiritual connection it can cultivate in us all!

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